14 Days to a Healthier Life

Did you just decide to revamp your health? Not sure where to start? Yoo-hoo! I've got a few ideas!  Here are 14 days of activities & tips that will take less than 10 minutes each.  You are two weeks away from a healthier home:)

DAY 1  Time to stock up on some new non-disposable bottles because tomorrow you are doing some spring cleaning.  Great brands, available here in the Holy Land or from amazing Amazon include LifeFactory (glass) and Klean Kanteen (stainless steel). I prefer glass for myself and for practical reasons, stainless steel for the kids.  In Israel, you can purchase Klean Kanteen at camping supply stores.  Yes, this is an investment, but do the math, and you'll see that for a family of five, it pays off quickly.

DAY 2  Bye-bye to all those plastics.  You are officially finished with disposable water bottles, plastic sippy cups, and plastic sports bottles. BPA free? What a ploy- recycle it!  BPA free is just there to distract you from all the other hazardous chemicals that are leeching into your water.  Throw out those Tupperware too.  Invest in some tempered glass containers with strong snap on lids.

DAY 3  Throw away all your artificial air fresheners.  The creepy ingredient list in air fresheners is full of stuff you'd rather avoid.  Need a good scent in your house?  Buy an essential oil burner and some organic essential oils.  Alternatively, you can invest in a diffuser.  

DAY 4  Off to the grocery store.  If your fridge and cupboards aren't already stocked up with a variety of fresh fruits, veggies, and nuts, now is the time.  Check out the Kitchen Cleanse for some inspiration.

DAY 5  Time to part with all your dryer sheets.  Yup, those are toxic too. Take 'em off of your shopping list permanently.   I'll apologize now for the static cling and lack of scent but your skin (your body's largest organ), will thank you.  

DAY 6  Today is the day to finish up with all that scented, chemical laden laundry powder or liquid.  A great substitute is Ecover or Ecofriend. (Available at Nitzat Duv D'van, Anise, or Teva-Castel)  I keep one bottle of Vanish spray for spot treatment, but that's it! Yes, your clothes will come out clean:)

DAY 7  Practice deep breathing throughout the day.  Don't wait for a moment when you NEED a deep breath. How about just using those free moments to take a few deep, refreshing belly breaths.  Stoplights, grocery lines, the turny thing when your computer is thinking are all great times to breath.  Remember this brain fact: the neurons that fire together, wire together.  Practicing calm, cleansing breaths could become a habit:)

DAY 8  Increase your magnesium and promote better sleep and calmness.  My favorite way is with a magnesium spray.  (Available at www.iherb.com with shipping to Israel.) Use it on your kids, too!  It has a bit of an itchy feel on application, but a brand that contains aloe vera will help with that.  I buy Raise Them Well brand for my kiddies and any brand that's on sale and pure for me and my husband. Additionally, you can discuss with you doctor the benefits of adding a magnesium supplement to your diet. 

DAY 9  Buy a pretty journal and start a gratitude journal.  Need a little inspiration for why gratitude is so healthy? Check this out.

DAY 10  Buy a good quality 1000 mg fish oil capsule and consume at the end of your day after your last meal.  Always check with your doctor before introducing a new supplement into your diet.

DAY 11  Buy some Dr. Bronner's Pure Castille soap for bath time.  Paraben free, 100% natural.  Available at health stores.  

DAY 12  Read this from Harvard Health. Then download a bluelight filter app or just shut off your phone in the evening.

DAY 13  Work a guided mediation into your morning wake-up schedule or before bed.  You can purchase some emunah based ones from jpthink.com (which I super-duper love love love). Alternatively, download a mindfulness app or use a free podcast like Meditation Oasis.

DAY 14  Set an alarm for bed.  Yup, you read that right.  Set a cut-off time for bed and stick to it.  Turn your phone off at least two hours before bed, so your body can regulate your melatonin levels.


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