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Well, hellllo there

Phew! I did it. My brain is running circa 1999 when it comes to anything on a computer. Email is about as fancy as I get, and about as fancy I intend to get (famous last words before I become a full-on techie). I can say (quite proudly, slightly smirky), that I do not have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any of that stuff. More on why later. For now, let's just settle in. I've got some great stuff to introduce you to. Some of it might be new, some might be things you've heard before, but hopefully all of it is useful and interesting and helps you live with intention and commitment. I'll be honest with the information I've got, try not to use too many superlatives or exclamation points, and hopefully I'll manage to check in pretty often as this gets off the ground so I can get some of this interesting stuff out of my head and into a more useful forum.

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