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Be An Early Bird

If you are a happy, functional night owl whose sleep patterns have never had a negative effect on their productivity, health, or relationships, read no further. Whatever you are doing is working for you and I'd hate to come and mess up a good thing.

If, on the other hand, you have trouble falling asleep at night, you have trouble staying asleep, or your chronic feelings of fatigue impair your ability to be your best version of yourself, take a few minutes to consider adding a few of these sleep-healthy habits to your life.

1.Take a 1000 mg magnesium supplement (after asking your doctor!). Magnesium is essential for muscle relaxation and nerve function. Magnesium rocks! I could expound but I'll let these people do it instead:

2.Buy a magnesium spray. I buy from They ship to Israel. Spray it on feet and chest about an hour before sleep. It's great for kids if they can manage the itchy feeling that comes with it. After 15 minutes, if it still itches, it can be rinsed off.

3.Shut off your phone or computer screen at least 2 hours before bed time so your body can do it job of making melatonin (that's the hormone that makes you sleepy). What was heralded as the biggest neurological discovery of 2015? The blue light that is given off by a smart phone inhibits the bodies production of melatonin. Guess what- here's a totally random fact I stored away in my brain, most likely from a Ted Talk or NPR: There is research that shows that people who are blind have lower rates of cancer. People who are blind have higher rates of melatonin. There is a inverse correlation between cancer and melatonin production. Don't mess with your body's hormone production, just shut off your phone.

4.Treat yourself like a child. We wouldn't expect our kids to abruptly transition from daytime to bedtime. We structure entire chunks of time around making them sleepy. A good meal, a warm bath, some comfy pajamas, a story or two. Maybe even a little massage with some lavender scented (magnesium) oil. And then off to bed at the same time every night.

5.Do you have a comfortable sleeping environment? Research has proven what the Rambam wrote about seven centuries ago- sleeping in a cool room promotes better, more restful sleep.

6.Exercise. Your body was made to move, Every day. Find a way to get 30-45 minutes minimum of exercise daily! Walking, running, a gym class, an exercise excuses! Nothing beats getting outside at 5:30 in the morning for some exercise before the city bustle takes over Jerusalem.

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