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Don't Try, Do

"I'm trying to lose weight." "I'm trying to quit smoking." "I'm going to try to stop eating sugar." "I'm trying to exercise." What a failure-phrase!

Trying is great. Trying is for new adventures, new foods, new clothes. Trying is not for good habits or positive lifestyle changes. Using the phrase "I'm trying" or "I'll try" means you've already got one foot out the door, you aren't 100% committed, and if you don't succeed you won't feel so bad because you were "just trying."

When you tell yourself or someone else, "I'll try," what do you really mean? Think about it. Do you really mean that you are 100% going to put your best effort into doing the act being discussed or do you really mean, "Maybe I can do it but I'm not so sure and in fact I don't really want to. Perhaps I'll do it if I can muster the internal energy." What's holding you back from accomplishing this? Why aren't you investing 100% of your belief into your effort? "I'm trying" is a great way to say "I might fail and I'll be okay with that."

If that's your real message, the message that resonates truth within you, great. I'm here to challenge you to examine what you really want "to DO," not just try. The real thought behind "I'm trying" is, I'm scared that people will know I failed. I'm scared to fizzle out. I'm scared that I have a lot of enthusiasm now but that might not last and I want a way out. "I'm trying" is an attempt to insulate ourselves against failure.

Real failure is defined succinctly by Astro Teller on Ted Radio, as the point at which you know what you are working on is the wrong thing you are working on or you're working on it in the wrong way. Everything up until that is learning.

How can you apply this message to your goals? Find a goal that you have been itching to do. Small or large, something that is real and has some substance to it. Then make a plan. List everything that you can do to help yourself succeed. Next, list everything that could possibly stand in your way. List people who could be your resources and then jump in with 100% of the belief that there is a possibility of success. If you don't succeed, change your direction, change your approach, get some more resources, but if it is a genuine, truth-oriented goal, don't just try, do.

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