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10 Foods on the Go

Eating healthy in a world that is full of evil, prepackaged, on-the-run food, is made a lot easier with an action plan. In general, any goal in life needs a solid action plan! Here are foods I always keep ready to go, whether to eat at home or take along with me. (This way I avoid the "I'm so starved lets eat a giant falafel" issue when running errands.)

1. Quinoa. Always have cooked quinoa in your fridge. You can eat it plain, with a little lemon and dill, add some veggies. Whatever! Its filling, its full of amino acids, its a complete protein, and its easily digestible. Consider it your new best friend.

2. Boiled (cage-free, organic of course!) eggs. An egg or two squelches your appetite and the protein leaves you feeling satisfied for hours. Its easy to peel and take along with you anytime.

3. Nuts of any kind. I don't believe you will find yourself craving an almond, brazil nut or a walnut, but they are just some of those good for you foods that you should make a habit of eating. At 7-10 calories a pop, a little goes a long way. Eat about 10-12 at a time for a solid snack filled with nutrients your body needs.

4. Cut-up veggies. You're much more likely to reach for a vegetable if its washed and ready-to-eat. If you have time to prepare them daily, great for the freshness level. If not, don't worry, just prepare every other day. Veggies are a free for all food. You can eat them whenever you're hungry and the fiber will fill you up without too many calories.

5. Washed lettuce. You can always make a salad in less than five minutes if you have lettuce on hand. Add some quinoa, some toasted nuts from your pantry, and an egg or two and you've got a complete meal.

6. Whole sprouted spelt bread (available at the Natural Choice) or any sprouted bread. Super filling and super nutritious. Add some almond or peanut butter for some protein.

7.Sugar-free, natural peanut butter. A tablespoon (just one!) of this packs four grams of protein. That's all you need to stave off your appetite until dinner is ready!

8. Homemade tehina. Use it as a dip for your cut-up veggies and you've got an easy snack and your calcium intake for the day.

9.Fresh fruit. An obvious choice for food on the go. Apples are the easiest to throw in your purse. A banana is super filling and easy to transport.

10. Garlic or plain breadsticks from The Natural Choice Bakery. Sometimes you need an easy carb. These are tasty, great with tehina, and easily transportable.

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