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I love it when the wacky things I've been saying for years are confirmed. Read this article on digital addiction and let me know what you think!

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Digital devices are crack cocaine!

Keeping our digital hours as minimal as possible is great for our kids and great for us. Digital addiction has the potential to be the big problem of the future. The national statistics for the US have already showed a steady decline in productivity over the last ten years and there are suggestions that this is tied to the increase in technology. That's scary. We feel busier than ever, we're great at multi-tasking, but how much are we actually accomplishing? Our phones and computers keep us busy...but with what?

I'm always happy to have another reminder to check out of the digital world and check in with the real world. Keep it real and stay off your electronic devices as much as work permits. You'll enjoy the calm that comes along with not being tied to your device:)

And in the spirit of digital brevity, I'll sign off!


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