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Back to Nature with Chol Hamoed Fun

If I had a bigger yard I'd be so happy to be that crazy animal lady with a goat and some chickens running around. I'd <hire someone to> milk the goats, make my own cheese, use them to eat my weeds. It'd be great. As long as it would be in Rehavia. Hmmm...somehow I don't think it's gonna happen.

Instead I guess I'll just manage by doing some visits to local farms that are only a hop and a skip away from my cultured city life.

I recently got a chance to visit Moshav Matityahu and the wonderful Chai Goat Farm near Modiin. It's an easy 35 minute drive from Jerusalem and totally worth it. My kids and I enjoyed a morning full of farm activities that were positively exciting for us city dwellers. The setting is a quaint little house and farm with roosters, hens, and fuzzy chicks roaming around, a few dogs, some talking and dancing exotic birds, and a lot of goats! We fed and milked the goats, made some fresh cheese, spun our own tzittzit, and enjoyed the relaxing setting. It's a great Chol Hamoed activity and it will inspire you to do some cheese making at home. Or to buy a goat.

Check out for more information.

We can't wait to discover some more farms around Israel. I'll keep you updated as we explore:)


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