• Nomi

Nayots Optional

Ya don't gotta be a hippy to be healthy. Healthy comes in all different packages and wearing Birkenstocks (ok, Nayots, we're in Israel!), is not a prerequisite.

Nor do you have to give up meat. Life is about an accumulation of consistent healthful habits. It's easy to be a vegetarian who has swapped out meat and swapped in too much dairy, fried falafels and meat-free packaged food.

I used to be a vegetarian. When I was a preteen, I would tell people I was a vegetarian because I wanted to be. My parents weren't so keen on that so I had to wait until college to actually become a real, full fledged vegetarian. I loved pasta and cheese and bread and yummy salads. And I really loved saying "I'm a vegetarian."


How do you know someone is a vegetarian?

Because they mention it five times within the first five minutes you meet them.

When I got informed about health and a little bit more mature, I realized that I would be a healthier carnivore. I still don't eat that much meat. But I do make consistently healthy choices. Sometimes that means eating a chicken salad that I make myself instead of the pizza left over from the kids dinner. (Yes, my kids eat pizza. And not just homemade spelt pizza with organic goat cheese!)

Whether you are a vegetarian, vegan, or carnivore, make healthful choices that include a wide variety of foods with a heavy dose of vegetables, a moderate dose of fruits, nuts, and some whole grains. Get your protein in complete forms like beans with a carb, tofu, fish,eggs or even a delicious, fresh off-the-grill burger wrapped in a lettuce bun and topped with some homemade mayo.


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