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Just Juice It

With winter around the corner, and oranges making their way to our local markets, what a great time to prep for all the vitamin C that nature has to offer.

I love fresh squeezed juices (in moderation!) but don't love the price. Local juice bars have a great selection, but a daily squeeze would add up too fast for me to justify the prices. I've remedied that by juicing at home. I have an extractor that works great for greens and veggies, but I balk at cleaning it. Lazy or busy? A combination of both!

I recommend investing in a simple citrus juicer. You can purchase an electric one from any home store for about 50 nis, although I favor a metal hand lever juicer. I have never had an electric one last longer than half a year. While it isn't a big expense, I was so happy to purchase a metal one. Because it was pink. Yes, the secondary factor for me shelling out 170 nis was the color. The primary was the health benefits of juicing. The metal press extracts more juice and its great for pomegranates too! Pomegranates are in season now and super sweet. I love loading up this antioxidant rich juice which is also antiviral. Antiviral is great when you have a bunch of kids running hosting a wide variety of germs!

Remember, juice has fructose without the fiber to help flush it out of your system, so it isn't an ideal addition if you are sensitive to sugar or trying to lose weight. One juiced fruit per day (with the pulp for added fiber), is a healthy addition if you are physically active and at the correct weight. The best time to drink it is thirty minutes before exercise. Your body will appreciate the glucose input and benefit from the antioxidants. Bottoms ups!

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