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G.A.D (Girls Against Dieting)

It's post-Chag, and the last word you should be thinking right now is diet. Dieting is a way of distracting you into thinking that your lifestyle choices are only affecting your weight.

Did you put on a few pounds after all the delicious meals? No worries! Some of it is probably water retention. You need to consume an extra 3500 calories over what you burn each day in order to make those numbers on the scale spike up. In reality, the weight that you're feeling is most likely a little water and a pound of actual weight gain...unless there was some serious bingeing.

Why shouldn't you be dieting? Because using the goal of lowering the number on a scale won't make you healthier unless you are looking at your overall health. If you concentrate on correctly exercising regularly, eating healthy, nutritious foods, and sleeping well, you will naturally lose weight. Your weight loss will be a by-product of pursuing a more healthy lifestyle instead of a singular goal. By choosing health as a goal, instead of a target weight, you will empower yourself to make the right choices and understand what your body truly needs.

It's true that we need to be cognizant of what is our body's ideal weight. Understanding how excess pounds factor into our health is important, but not our main focus. It's one part of a whole health picture.

Instead of using this week to start a new diet, use it to start a new habit. One habit will lead to another, and in no time you'll feel slimmer, sleep better, and have more energy. For some ideas where to start check out the 14 Days page or email me for a free consult.

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