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Be a Locavore

I'm a big fan of being a locavore (someone who eats locally grown and sourced food). Luckily for me, Israel is a great place to do that. With an abundance of small farms, local artisans producing breads and cheeses galore, and, of course, Yaffo oranges, there is no shortage of food here!

Eating locally sourced food supports our local economy and supports family owned farms. Having married into a family with a few farmers has let me witness the HUGE sacrifices that our Israeli farmers make. They cultivate land that we city dwellers wouldn't dream of living in, they provide jobs in areas with low population density, and sometimes they are the buffer between us and the errr...."cousins." With the way that Jewish geography works, if you are buying local produce, there's a good chance there not many degrees of separation between you and a hard working, Israeli farmer.

The newest locavore movement in America has been dubbed the "100 Mile Diet." It promotes eating foods that are grown within 100 miles of your home. Some restaurants have even gone as far as to list the local farmer who they source their food from. This gives recognition to the local farmers and a little bit of honor for a job well done. I would love to see something like this in Israel. "Kale produced by Tzvi from Moshav Hamra." Our farmers deserve a bit of kavod!

Another advantage of eating locally sourced food is that you are eating foods which are seasonal. This promotes a varied diet and exposes your body to what it needs during the given season. Locally grown produce is fresher and goes through less processing and storage. Yay for that!

Help me spread the locavore movement in Israel. Share this post, friend a farmer, and check out my "Local and Fresh" page for some ideas of where to shop.

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