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Summer Skin Tips

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Living in the Middle East, during the summer months, the sun pulses down from early in the day until sunset , Every day, I'm assessing my different options for protection from the sun. They usually include a giant hat, copious amounts of sunscreen, and darting down the sidewalk trying to catch the shade. Not always the most practical options, but what's a girl to do?

I know the info on sunscreen can be confusing. I've heard health advocates talk about the dangers of sunscreen and it's additives. I've read about how to make your own with raspberry leaf extract. I've researched foods that can help skin limit production of melanin (that component that leads to hyperpigmentation). And it all led my back to these skin cares tips.

1. Ok, ladies- go for that raspberry leaf extract if that's what works for you. For me, this time, hands down, vanity wins. I'm going to stick with my sunscreen. I work very hard to keep my lifestyle "toxin-minimal". But when it comes to my skin- I'm going to stay loyal to my favorite brand of sunscreen- Elta Spf 42. Buy it here and they ship to Israel. Super yay!

2. Get your windows treated. For less than 400 nis, In Talpiot, there are window tinting services that apply a transparent film that protects against 90% of UVA rays. I had my drivers side window done so that I could stop leaning my upper body out of the [evil] sun's rays as I sat in traffic. Yeah- my hat was simply too large to wear in the car. It obstructed my vision and it's huge brim made me look a little kooky. Treated windows- safer and more fashionable.

3. Be careful with what you use on your skin. Some creams contain alpha-hydroxy, lactic acid, or retin-a. These can cause your skin to be more sensitive to the sun and, overtime, lead to accelerated aging- which is ironic because these are all things we use to stay wrinkle-free. A lot of these products are not tested under the sun conditions present here in the Holy Land. If you must use these products, consult with a dermatologist or my amazing facialist at Pi Clinic (072 212 8001) in Rehavia . Don't trust just anyone with your face. Tali at Pi Clinic is top in the field for skin care and will give you honest advice about healthy skincare.

The sun and I have a love/hate relationship. Nothing is more invigorating than a beautiful, sunny morning. Then again, a hot, sunny day can be draining and long. The pros and cons list of sun exposure is well-known; Vitamin d, increased melatonin production and alleviation from minor depression verses pigmentation issues, sunburn, and skin cancer, G-d Forbid. Keeping our relationship with the sun in balance requires being a little savvy, wearing a good hat (extra credit if it's big AND fashionable at the same time- and send me a link where to buy such an item!), and some Elta sunscreen:) Enjoy the summer!

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