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Right Now. Any Right Now.

Hello! A little shout out for the New Year 2018! I hope this blog has enabled you to learn enough over the last year and a half, to know that the new year is not the time to embark on some grand health goal. This is not the perfect start to a healthy and wholesome year of weight loss, adequate sleep, and exercise.

The best time to start a goal is right now. Any right now. Any moment. This second or the next. You don't need a grand finale to your old ways of eating. You don't need one last intense encounter with a half a pizza. You certainly don't need to finish that pint of Ben and Jerry's that is mockingly staring at you every time you open the freezer. You just need to seize the moment and decide that the next decision you make will be one that is more health conscious.

That decision will be followed by another and another and before you know it, you'll be living the life you want with the energy you want. Sound too simple? It's not. The problem with getting the health you want is that, often, it's been made complicated with specific diets, intense exercise regimens, and a whole array of grand plans. We get ideas into our heads' that we can start being healthy after a certain holiday or event or life change. We imagine that being healthy is such a daunting affair that it needs to be given our full and undivided attention and if we aren't able to do that, we might as well not even start.

Super-duper not true. Your healthy lifestyle starts the second you commit to one healthy decision. Those decisions help you build momentum, rewire your brain for healthy habits (yay neuroplasticity!), and empower your next decisions. The best moment to start working towards your health goals is right now.

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