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Form Follows Function

Wanna up your running game as you prep for the upcoming marathons in the Holy Land? The easiest way to do that is to improve your form.

Proper running form is essential to weight distribution, speed, and even to the cognitive process that fuels your runs.

A few friendly reminders:

1. Check your alignment- your spine should be straight and strong.

2. Arms/hands never cross the midline.

3. Avoid a pelvic tilt (work on that deep core for proper lower back support!). Maintain integrity in form and experience less aches and pains.

4. I favor midfoot or forefoot foot strike. Heel striking to me is a big no-no but I know it works for some people. I haven't personally met those people but I hear they exist. 5. Don't scrunch your face/eyebrows/hold tension in your shoulders. Don't clench your jaw. Your faced should be relaxed...or as my former sprinting coach used to say "You should feel your checks flapping in the wind." That's attractive.

6.Beware of your elbow angles- your arms shouldn't look like tyrannosaurus arms...ya know what I mean.

7. Look straight ahead- you should not be able to see your feet! If you can see your feet, oy, your poor cervical spine is getting strained. That's wasting energy and majorly throwing off your form!

8. Smile:)

Running is fun! Running is a graceful motion. It's beautiful to watch and wonderful to experience. Don't slow yourself down by lumbering along looking like you are being dragged by some external force. Don't run up Jabotinksy with your shoulders pulled towards your ears or your lower face hiked up in a grimace. Simply by improving your form and energetically holding yourself straight and strong, your runs will be more enjoyable and easier. Try it out and let me know. Happy running!

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