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A Little Quiz

How about we have a little quiz?

What undermines your immune system's ability to function, contributes to heart disease, and can even be a major contributing factor to weight gain and increased alcohol consumption?

Let's make this multiple choice!

a. Sugar

b. Stress

c. Inadequate amount of physical activity/exercise

d. All of the above

And the answer is ...

B- Stress.

Maybe that's the answer you picked or maybe that's a surprise. So hold tight for a helpful reminder about what you already know or get some new info that can help you click into an enhanced mind-body awareness.

Stress is a major bummer. Whether it is the N.U.Ts (That's an acronym for Nagging Unfinished Tasks) that cause you a little stress on a regular basis, or it's a big life changing stress that hijacks your calm, learning to manage stress is key to long-term wellness.

So, how to manage all those stresses that pop up in life? Here are some tried and true methods for stress management that will lead to increased vitality and resilience.

1. Meditation, mindful awareness, breathing exercises. All of these things help map out a little area of the brain that can help thwart the stress response. Mindfulness and meditation can help regulate the parasympathetic nervous system. That's the part of your nervous system that calms, digests, and rests. Yay for increased calmness.

2. Self-care as a priority. Life is demanding and busy women are so great at multi-tasking. With that in mind, make sure that you set aside regular time for self-care. Is that a regularly scheduled workout or coffee with a friend? Is it a class at the gym that you love or maybe even a massage? It could be as simple as a routine like waking up early to have a coffee in the quiet morning hours before the busy hustle and bustle of the day demands all your resources. Whatever lets you enjoy and relax your brain, make time to schedule it in.

3. A mindful diet. Eat foods that you enjoy and that are good for your health. Make sure that the food you eat meets those two criteria. Don't consume food that stresses your body. Take the time to develop a food routine that helps you buy, prepare, and enjoy foods support your immune functioning and brain health. Does that sound like a big idea? Email me for ideas:)

4. Get a little exercise. Get all those feel-good chemicals rushing through your body with a power walk or run. Try a class at the gym or pair up with a buddy for a workout in your local park. Go for a hike and check in with nature or jump rope while you're waiting for your lunch to cook. Get moving and feel the positive effects happen almost immediately.

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