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A Little Running Advice

In the last two weeks, I've received half a dozen calls requesting run training plans and coaching. With the Jerusalem Marathon right around the corner, advertisements for the race throughout the city, and some yummy spring weather this last week, it's no wonder that running seems to be super in vogue. The runner in me understands the want-to-be runner in you. However, the runner in me also knows that one month of training with no or low mileage to 10, 21, or 42 kilometers is a stretch. And by stretch I mean to say, it's risky. Why? I'm sure you exercise, you know your body, or you used to run. However, one month or three weeks is not enough time to get your body conditioned to more than 4 or 5k. And even 5k has to be done methodically, depends on your current fitness level, and your body weight (excess weight can contribute to joint pain). You know how everyone tells you that running is bad for your knees? Well, it's not. If you have proper core strength, top running form, and a thorough training plan, running is painless and enjoyable. It's only when you over train, undertrain (running without core and strength training), and increase mileage too quickly that your body starts begging for a break. This might not be the news that the runner-in-you wants to hear, but it's the conversation that I've had six times over the last two weeks. It comes from a place of having been there and suffered the consequences. It comes from the advice of my awesome physical therapist who has helped me work through all of my uber-long-distance induced injuries. Exercise is great. Running is a dream. Just make sure that you don't compromise your long-term goals for short-term successes.

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