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Happy Spring:)

The most frequent question I've received over the last few weeks is in regards to how to handle Pesach eating and dieting.

For some people, Pesach is a great time to jump start a new way of eating. This time of year can be a great opportunity to maximize your spring cleaning efforts and let that work also help you clean up your diet.

Even with the healthiest lifestyle, junk or processed foods can occasionally (or not so occasionally!), sneak in. Especially when the kids seem to have a never ending supply of Purim candy still lurking around the house. With the holiday week upon us, you might wonder how you can stick with your current health intentions and not get sidetracked.

Pesach food can be healthy and whole, as long you stay away from the packaged foods and keep the matzah to a minimum. Lean proteins, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables are the mainstays of your menu this coming week. Don't fall prey to the macaroons with an indefinite shelf life or the "oh-my-gosh-it tastes like real" packaged Pesach cake/crackers/cookies/cereals. Ick. Never worth it. Not for you or your kids.

Loaded omelets, sautéed vegetables, grilled chicken wrapped in lettuce, avocado spread on eggplants slices, fresh salad, fruit salad, a piece or two of good-quality dark chocolate...what more do you need?

Use this week of clean eating to set you up for conscious eating throughout the year.

Keep in mind:

-Aim for 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables per day.

-Portion control is a key aspect of health and weight maintenance.

-10-15 nuts every day as a snack for fiber, protein, and nutrients

-Lots of water- add some lemon, cucumber, or mint for taste.

-Keep your food choices whole and fresh. When in doubt, eat more plants:)

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