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Whew! Life is busy. Errands, job, family, friends, exercise, cooking, phone rings...there is never a shortage of activity. How can we meet all of our obligations and enjoy them at the same time? Bring in the mono-tasking. Mono-tasking: one moment, one task. Ditch all of the things that are taking your focus away from the now and bring yourself smack into the middle of the present moment.

What are the benefits of mono-tasking over multi-tasking? Increased concentration, decreased stress and anxiety, and a general fuzzy feeling of calm. Try it, I dare you.

Perhaps you're a little worried because multi-tasking is your super power and you get a million things done every day. I know that feeling! Trust me on this one- the mono-tasking high is better than the multi-tasking high.

I super-duper love checking off my to-do list and keeping my busy life in order so I can optimize my productivity as a wife/mom/student/mentor. I can get a lot done and enjoy the buzz of busy-ness...however, if I do that too often, it can become my modus operandi. That means I end up being half in a conversation verses completely listening or maybe I'm just misplacing my stuff because I'm all over the place.

Mono-tasking lets me take a deep breath, trust that I'll manage without doing two or three things at once, and be in the moment. I can enjoy cutting the vegetables for dinner when I'm not talking on the phone, listening to a podcast, or planning out my next errand. Even just writing this, I feel my breath slowing and a calmness descending upon me. Loving this moment.

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