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Encouraging Encouragement

A few years ago, I mentioned to the group of women in my yoga training program that I wasn't sure if I should go back to school to do my masters. One of my friends, Nicole, said, "just do it, " with her cute Spanish accent and a certain amount of conviction that stuck with me. "If you think you want to do it, just do it.," she said to me. Even now, I can hear her voice. It's the accent!

I bet Nicole has no idea that her little bit of encouragement was a part of what helped to prompt a back-to-learning journey. When I think of her words, I'm struck by the power of encouragement.

It's easy to live a little cynically. The world can be rough and crazy. How many times has a friend mentioned something, and your first response was to inject a little bit of reality into their thought process? At a certain time and age, in certain relationships, maybe this is necessary. I'm not advocating for letting small children or impulsive adolescents run amok with whatever idea strikes their fancy. However, what about all of our mature, adult relationships? Can you think of a friend who you could be a little more encouraging to?

I value every word of encouragement I have gotten along the way with this long academic journey I am on. I wouldn't have made it through chemistry without major moral support from my dear hubby and kiddies! I value the positive view that I have heard from people who trust that I am an adult and have made a decision that resonates with me. And even if they don't get why I am doing what I am doing, I value the positive words that give over the message that "you are a capable adult and I'm sure you've made the best decision for yourself."

Sometimes support, a positive viewpoint, and confidence in a person's ability to make sound decisions is all a person needs to give over. Encouragement is so underrated. Even a small phrase can have a lasting effect. Try it out and watch the ripple effect of your words. Thank you, Nicole, and to all the other people in my life who lend me positive words, and in turn, give me the strength to work at my goals.


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