• Nomi

Hey Sem Girls!

Transition time! Fall is around the corner, Rosh Hoshanah is approaching, and a new year shines ahead. I'm looking forward to meeting the new girls that I will be working with at the three seminaries/gap-year programs I am teaching in this coming year. The energy of the students as they come in for their time in Israel is so much fun to be a part of. So much hustle and bustle and possibilities!

I am always here as a resource for students and parents alike. Navigating a happy and healthy, low-stress, growth-focused year in Israel is easier with a little support. Do you need to know where to shop for gluten-free products? What physical therapist to see? What gym to join? Send me your questions via email or DM me on Instagram @nomiknowshealth.

Additionally, I've got a centrally located office in Jerusalem and am available for private coaching and consultations. Do you have a weight-loss goal or need help managing lifestyle changes to support your health and healing? Start the new year with intention, commitment, and support. I'm here to coach you towards long-term success with your health goals. Shana Tova!!!


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