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My energy levels are waning. This has been a unique experience, to say the least- these last few lovely weeks (hear the slight sarcasm?). Whewww! Okay- ditching the cynic that I let come out to play for a grand 5 minutes daily. It's been fine. The whole darn last few weeks have been fine. Actually, the optimist in me would say that they have been more than fine. It's been chill and boring and, most gratefully, healthy. This week the new normal started to feel, well, normal. We've settled into a routine, done all of our grocery and necessities shopping over Whatsapp, and online thanks to the wonders of technology. We've even got an adopted Bubby with a Ph.D. in distance learning, giving my kids daily lessons on everything from science to English to Math. My husband and I are in the same country for more than three months- the first time since we started dating. We are on a good routine of working out together in our 100 meters because we are great rule followers (the Asian in me!) and because we know that we are lucky to even have the option to go out 100 meters. The kiddies are managing, throwing a quarrel in every once in awhile to keep it interesting, and we've been enjoying sit-down together family meals complete with dessert and tea. It's fine. It's manageable, It's necessary. Good job to all of you staying home so our health care system can keep up, so the elderly here can enjoy their grandkids for a few more years, and so as a country, we can come out of this with minimal trauma. No, this isn't fun. No, it feels like it doesn't make sense all the time, but it is necessary. Keep up the good work (I'm saying that to myself too!) and keep staying home, wearing a mask, moving in your 100 meters, and getting to know the people who live in the balcony next to you. (Pssst- I think my neighbor is single and he's doing a postdoc in neuroscience- anyone wanna try to make a social distancing shidduch?)

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