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  • Nomi is fantastic! She works with everyone personally and individually according to their needs. I've lost over 10k and we're still looking for ways to keep losing. I'm not a dieter - and Nomi does not suggest a diet per say. We've worked on making choices and tailoring habits that have a knock-on affect of losing weight. Nomi brings into the conversation the science behind weight and weight loss; and really puts the nutrition of our choices at the forefront of the conversation. In parallel, Nomi has started working with my wife - and my sister-in-law from America has also contacted her for remote-sessions. I would recommend Nomi to anyone! M.C.

  • Nomi is extremely professional. She makes healthy eating intuitive and accessible. My picky teenager has actually started to improve her eating habits! E.R.

  • Thank you so much Nomi for all the precious advices and tools you gave us. Really instructive and helpful. Looking forward to learn more with you L.O.

  • Excellent nutritionist. On point and easy to follow. Major difference in my health. Thank you Nomi! J.L.

  • I can highly recommend Nomi Levy as a coach. She is very professional and experienced and most inspiring. She offers much encouragement and support. I found working with her most helpful and looked forward to our regular online meetings. A.L.

  • Nomi is someone who can really understand the needs of each of her client's no matter how different they are as individuals. She is inspiring on so many levels professionally as well as personally. I highly highly recommend her! She has a great sense of humor which helps as well. D.S.

  • Nomi helped me to achieve my health goals with her scientific and compassionate approach to nutrition and wellness. Highly recommend Nomi to anyone looking to feel better, or to those with specific medically necessary diet modifications. A.Z.

  • Nomi is such a kind and compassionate person. Her genuine care for the well-being and success of others shines through in her work with people. Nomi helped me organize my thoughts, set clear goals, and come up with doable ways to achieve them. I left our meetings feeling heard and full of a drive to actualize. Would highly recommend Nomi! S.G.

  • She have the knowledge and experience, apart from being super patient and caring. Always ready to guide you in the way that works for you and keep inspiring in all areas. S.S.

  • Nomi is simply AMAZING! Strongly recommended! E.S.

  • Nomi is a phenomenal coach with such a vast knowledge and so motivating. Thank you so much!! S.W.

  • Nomi really helped me change my view on eating in just the way I needed it! I have learnt so much with her that have changed my life. Everytime I would end a session with her I would feel amazing as her energy is so positive and motivating. She is so knowledgeable about health and food so it was very interesting also. D.S.

  • Nomi motivates for exercise and proper nutrition, but in a healthy, balanced, sustainable way that will allow people to progress over the long term. No fads and no nonsense, just the straight dope about how to get into shape and stay healthy for an energetic and longer life with a better quality of life. I would recommend her unreservedly. M.P.

  • Nomi is the most trustworthy and professional person I know. She she taught me that eating healthy requires effort, of course, but really doesnt need to be so complicated. Highly recommend her. S.S.

  • LOVE Nomi!!! She is all around amazing person to have in your life. I would definitely recommend using her as a health coach! She has a ton of knowledge on how to stay fit and healthy.. and also make you feel good! Her tips one of a kind. Check her out!! You wont regret it!! D.K

  • I had a lovely experience having Nomi as a coach. She helped me discover new healthy habits and mindsets that I continue to practice. Nomi is knowledgeable in her work and cared for me like I was her own. She’s the best! R.B.

  • Nomi is an extraordinary person and she is providing an incredible service. She has a huge wealth of well researched information about so many different aspects of health. Information about health and nutrition is so vast and contradictory that it's easy to get lost. Nomi is the best guide! Her positive energy is infectious and she really cares with her whole heart! I highly recommend her!! A.K.

  • Nomi is the person to go to for any health, weight loss or stress related advice. She’s an amazing health coach! I’ve learned so much from her about improving my health and living a healthy lifestyle. Really recommend her! D.M.

  • Professional, knowledgeable and researches your health plan to give you the best solution to your health issues. Also had the best retreats. E.Y.

  • Nomi’s coaching is life changing! Health is so important and she really helped me see that. Nomi helped me improve my mindset, behavior, and overall quality of life. Definitely recommend! S.L.

  • Loved the clarity and consistency of the messages. Very Doable!! I am taking away building my family menus around the vegetables and focusing on the Mediterranean food plan. Thank you, Nomi! E.F.

  • Love this thank you - so nice to connect with other women and empower ourselves as women and moms making upgraded choices. I loved everything about it - Nomi is amazing and her practical tips and recipes were easy and inspiring.  M.S.​

  • Beyond grateful to be part of this group. Huge thank you!! L.M.​

  • Amazing group! Very high level for me with many ideas and concepts I had never heard of. L.K.​

  • Loved this and loved Nomi!! I’ve been embracing this lifestyle for a number of years so am pretty experienced but I was very impressed with Nomi’s fluency and knowledge and generosity with her time. Thank you so much for offering this.  C.E.

  • ​The program was informative and easy to listen to. I really learned new stuff and what I could I started to implement.  Z.E.

  • The group was extremely informative and very useful, thank you so much.  J.T.

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