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Do you want to feel energetic, lose weight, and get clarity about what you need to be doing to support your best health

My six-week nutrition and wellness course is meant to take you from confused to confident in a short time.  I've got the research and experience to get you the results you want.

Nechama Koren

Nomi is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever encountered in the field of nutrition. Her methods are doable and promote the right mindset. I highly recommend her.

Mindi Krasner

"I've been dieting my whole life and I will never diet again.  So happy to have taken this course- best investment!"

Menucha PAge

Nomi motivates for exercise and proper nutrition, but in a healthy, balanced, sustainable way that will allow people to progress over the long term. 


Hi, I'm Nomi

Yoohoo! Over here! Your favorite nutritionist is here to get you excited about your health and also get you to commit to habits that will last you a lifetime.

As a busy mom with a bunch of boys, a household to run, and a business that I love, I know how to juggle it all and be healthy.  With my background as a double board-certified health and wellness coach and clinical nutritionist, I have worked with hundreds of clients to guide them to easy, happy health. Join me for an investment in your healthy future.

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Now is the new later.

Start today

My signature series is one-of-a-kind course with all the great nutrition info you need in one place.  Don't just buy and forget you started.  Sign up for six weeks of one-on-one accountability and personalized live support. Get clarity about how to live your healthiest, most energetic life.  Food fads, trendy diets, and stress about nutrition are over for good after spending 6 weeks with me.


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