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Are you looking for balanced health information with a little motivation? Do you want to cultivate discipline and make lasting changes?  You are in the right place!


My name is Nomi, and I am a board-certified nutritionist and health coach. I am also a Duke Integrative Medicine affiliate with a Master of Science in Nutrition and Functional Medicine.   

As a dedicated health expert, I'm here to share all the things I love with a (insert cliché- ouch, sorry), passion.  My background in nutrition, health coaching, functional medicine, and psychology are the perfect quartet to provide you with a supportive framework as you work towards your optimal wellness.


I've got some great evidence-based health information to help you live with more intention and commitment.  I offer one-on-one coaching sessions and group workshops designed for health improvement and long-term behavioral change.   


To book an appointment or for more information on how to reach your health and wellness goals , click below.

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10 Sderot Yitzchak Rabin


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