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Sometimes I think the fact that Israel is this teensy tiny piece of land surrounded on three sides by not-so-friendly neighbors is in fact, a blessing.  Is it possible that our physical location, as well as our history of being an agricultural people, has staved off the import of oranges from Florida and lettuce from Mexico?  Well, maybe that isn't entirely true.  I still find some European apples in my local organic store and frozen fruit from Russia in their freezer section.  However, given the size of our little piece of land, usually, we are only a hop and a skip away from a hard-working Israeli farmer.  Supporting these farms makes us all better, healthier people.  HUGE kudos to the rocking website Janglo for providing an extensive list of organic and natural food in Israel. 

For the full list please click here

These are a few of my favorite places, but there are many more to discover!  

  • Ben's Farm 050 342 6664

  • Medjool Oriyah, Royal Dates from Moshav Hamra in the Jordan Valley

  • Givat Olam 02 940 9310  Amazing preservative-free cheeses (lots of goat!) and other dairy products, as well as organic eggs.

  • Shoreshei Tzion  Fermentation workshops (super fun and useful!) and natural, raw crackers.  This is who I got my SCOBY from for my kambucha.  I drove through the one snow storm of 2016 to pick up the little guy.  I told you I'm passionate about good health!

  • Natural Choice Bakery 02 622 3229  The best bakery on earth and one of the only reasons I eat bread (and cookies and burekas with sheeps' cheese and profiteroles and quiche and pomegranate juice).  It really is a super duper bakery.  Check out my blog post the "Yummiest Bakery on Earth."

  • Nitzat Duv D'van on Canfei Nesharim is my health store of choice.  My standard purchases are vegetables, unbleached sugar, organic maple syrup, Nitzat brand whole--spelt pasta (really yum compared to other brands and you're kids & guests won't even know it's spelt), my household cleaning products and laundry detergents.  They also have organic eggs from Givat Olam and cheeses from local farms as well.   When I can't make it over to Canfei I will sometimes go the Duv D'van on Emek, but I find that it isn't stocked as well as the Canfei branch. 

  • Castel Health Food Store at the First Train Station.  I love this place for it's easy parking, great location, and nice layout.  It has a great selection of all the products you need- from delicious , local olive oils to Holy Land Cocoa.

  • The Village Green is the original whole food restaurant in Jerusalem.    A great place for breakfast, lunch, or dinner:)  

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