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Hello Health

WOO-HOO! Welcome to ten days that will give you more energy, insight into your personal health, and better habits. I'll make the information easy to implement and a joy to continue.  No stress, a little time, and a lot of support.

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What's included?

Daily Zoom Meetings with Nomi

Every day for ten days to get you moving forward with confidence, clarity, and the right information


  • Daily Zoom meetings (with the group)

  • One-on-one nutrition assessment with Nomi 

  • A recipe booklet (for busy people who want to make easy, healthy meals)

  • Daily forum to ask questions to nutrition expert, Nomi, in Whatsapp (learn in real time and as you go)

  • Workbook pdf with information to guide you through the ten days

  • Daily focus and goal setting- work on a goal with accountability check-ins from Nomi and from the group

  • Small group for personalized support (limited spots)

All for 1600 nis

or USD equivalent 

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